Where are my Photos?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Inspiration From The Experts

I met Steve Fraser today. He works with Ken Duncan and was at the Ken Duncan Gallery in the Melbourne Docklands area.

Steve is a fantastic Australian photographer specialising in landscapes.

I spent probably 20mins with him chatting about camera settings, composition and great spots in Western Australia that I should have on my list for my big trip next year.

He gave me a great tip by suggesting I put the time in to find the sweet spot in each of my lenses. For instance, taking a shot of a brick wall at various focal lengths and apertures to find the settings that give the best results.

Finding experienced photographers willing to share their knowledge is a real pleasure.

Thanks Steve.

His website is here. http://stevefraser.co/Default.aspx

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Valuable Lesson - Don't be shy

2 weeks ago I went back to the farm I grew up on with my Dad and brother. We had a great time together reliving some fond old memories.

I took the 7D with me but of course I had family and the current owners of the property to consider as we are wandering around the 200 acre property - so time was limited for composition and planning.

I got a few satisfactory shots but none worthy of publishing to vitamirus.smugmug.com

My only regret for the day was not taking a shot of the old house which has been incorporated into the new homestead. I felt a bit self conscious asking about taking a photo inside someone else's home.

But the regret is real and I wish in hindsight I had taken the shot. It was a reminder to be bold and ask. People can say "no" but they usually don't. It was a god lesson.