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Saturday, November 19, 2011

An Aussie, Credit Card and 20mins in B&H NYC - Its weird.

Oh yeah!

One way of illustrating the difference in living in a city of 4.0m to a city of 8.7m is the size of its camera stores.

Wow - went to B&H yesterday but only had 20mins - what a waste - it requires a full day.

Managed to pick up some great bargins for an Aussie.

Of course its cheaper again online but I didn't care that much as I saved so much.

Bought the following:

Canon 50mm Prime F1.4
Canon 320EX Speedlite for my daughter's 60D
A Lowpro Slingshot 302 AW Bag
Gary Fong Light Sphere
Cokin Filter Kit

Total saving from my usual supplier after a pretty good discount was about A$400 just on first 3 more expensive items.

Gotta be happy with that.

Thanks to the guys on dpreview for the B&H tip.

The actual B&H experience was a weird one for an Aussie. Staff everywhere but each one only handles a certain area. Then I'm directed to this place where you queue up (queues everywhere in the US - the yanks love queues) then you get to a guy (or girl) sitting behind a bench who calls everything up I was looking at - to be fair he was happy to chat but you get the feeling you need to hurry up.

Then presto while we are yacking someone turns up with a box contains all the stuff on his screen.

Then its downstairs to another queue to pay then another queue to collect the stuff. Very efficient and kinda cool.

..... but wierd.

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