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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

15" Macbook Pro Retina Display - First Impressions

I'm writing this post on my new Macbook Pro 15" Retina Display.

Its probably a bit off topic for some readers but I thought I'd write about my first impressions after the first day of having my new workhorse.

Next to my camera gear this is the most important hardware tool I have for photography.

So what to say.

1. The Screen is fantastic! The crisp text and interfaces of the native apple apps are just sensational. So the first disappointment is when you run a non-apple app. I use Chrome as a browser so it was the first app I loaded. All the text is blurry. I found myself instinctively reaching for my glasses because it looked like everything was out of focus. I seriously considered reverting to Safari until Google deliver the promised update. But instead I downloaded Chrome Canary - Google's program for brave early adopters. I'm writing this blog post in that browser - and volla! It is seriously good again. Over time many developers will update their apps for the new 2880 x 1800 resolution. In fact if my experience is anything to go on - they will be feverishly punching out revised code as I write because the upscaled apps look very unattractive and will turn some people off. As an amateur photographer this unit is totally adequate as a photo processing and storage unit (I have the 756GB SSD).

2. Speed. The new MBP with its SSD and Ivy Bridge processor work together to give a very nice increase in performance. I use Aperture for image processing and although I haven't given it a lot of work to do - it feels very snappy indeed.

3. Weight. The New MBP is no Macbook Air - I have an 11" MB Air and will continue to use it to travel with. The MBP is obviously lighter than previous models but still not light enough as a walk-around-all-day-under-the-arm unit. Sure I didn't expect anything else but the hype might have lead you to believe otherwise.

So there you have it. My first impressions.

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