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Sunday, August 12, 2012

1DX's First Outing

It was a dull day but I wanted to get out with the new piece of kit and try it in the wild.

I went for a quick walk along the river near home to see what was out.

I probably had the ISO up too high at 4000 to start with - I still haven't developed a good habit of checking all settings on the camera before and/or during a shot.

Anyway came away very happy with the new camera's performance.

I was using the AI Servo mode to see how it went tracking birds.

I think that will take some getting used to. It does a pretty good job but occasionally jumps to tracking something else. I will need to fiddle about with the different cases that the new AF system on the 1Dx has.

Bottom line is I still have a lot of learning to do but came away with some nice shots. This Canon body is going to be a fantastic tool to use.

You can check out the best 4 by following the link below:


Here's my favorite:

Check out the fly this bird is catching and the bird's legs through its wings.


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