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Thursday, January 17, 2013

12 of 2012's favourite pics

So I notice a few photographer's putting together their best work of 2012.

It's a good exercise that requires a higher level of critique than looking through shots from a particular event.

You also get a chance to review how you have progressing in the craft over a 12 month period - hopefully to be encouraged by a growth in both the taking and the editing of images.

Because I rate each photo at the time of processing my job was a bit easier.

I wanted to reduce my choice to 12 of the best but also maintain diversity in the images.

My choice of 12 also tells the story of my year.

So maybe not my best work but my favourite images of 2012

Here they are in chronological order.

View from the Top - Mt Haleakala, Hawaii pre-dawn 

This photo was taken on a trip to the Melbourne Zoo with my mate Mark who sadly died in 2012. We shared a love of photography and he is sadly missed.

From my backyard with a Canon 7D and a 100-400mm f4-5.6 L IS lens and a 2x Extender III. ISO 200 at 1/80th f20 - The image is cropped.

A lucky shot on the first outing with the Canon 1D-X on burst. Bird catching a fly.

A nice shot capturing a young musician at my daughter's school. Nice low light performance of the Canon 1D-X

I like this pic for several reasons. 1. It shows that photo opportunities are everywhere - this one in the middle of an industrial area near a railway underpass. 2. It tells a story of good and evil.

This would have to be one of my very favourites. The November 2012 Solar Eclipse at Port Douglas.

2012 Para Olympics - London
White Rhino at Werribee Open Range Zoo

I just like the light in this shot and it was a move away from my normal editing which tends to bump saturation up. This one backs it off to nice effect.

Cradle Mountain Tasmania

At The Bay. Dawn pic of the Hazards at Coles Bay Tasmania. A beautiful part of the world.

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