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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year - Melbourne Fireworks

Last night was New Years eve and, coincidentally, our friend's wedding anniversary. So we had a double celebration in Melbourne.

Our friends were married on the water near Victoria harbour so after dinner it seemed fitting to stay and watch the fireworks and to try to get some pics.

I knew a spot that I hoped wasn't well known enough that we should get a great view and be able to park nearby.

So with 10mins to spare before 12:00am we arrived and got setup.

The trick with fireworks is to get the shutter speed right. Too fast and all you get is dots in the sky, too slow and its just a mess. My best shots are between 1 and 5 secs. So a tripod is essential.

Melbourne fireworks are big so a wide angle was also also called for, so I fitted the Canon 16-35mm for the job.

Happy with the results.

Here's a link to the best 5.

... and here's my fav.

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