Where are my Photos?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Just driving past

We recently did a trip to South Australia. It was one of those occasions where finally you get a chance to do something on your bucket list.

Robe South Australia was on the bucket list and with a spare day of annual leave together with a long weekend we had 4 days. Using our Camps 6 guide we found the bush camping site in Southend so booked ahead.

Nice spot near the beach.

Wanting to drive along the beach we headed off for Robe along the beach and then onto the main highway. Robe is a Noosa wannabe town. Nice but the standard of cafe and shops has a little bit to go.

I found a great spot for taking some pics so while mrs G went shopping I sat trying to capture the waves.

Here's the best one.

How long can this landmark stand?

But the special pics was on the way back. (Well we went to Kingston SE first)

Ripping down the highway at 110kph we came across this old building marked "ruin" on my GPS map.

On the main highway between Kingston SE and Mount Gambier in South Australia

Made me feel a little bit like Ken Duncan.